people-2One on One Consultation


Individual coaching where you will participate in an exploration process that results in a deeper understanding of your Strengths with a focus on how they relate to your goals. After identifying your Top 5 Signature Strengths, you will be coached on how to appreciate and leverage your strengths to accelerate your performance and reach your greatest potential.




Life Transition Package


Going to college? Changing careers? About to embark on a new chapter of your life? The Life Transition Package helps explore your options before moving forward.

The Transition Package includes:

-  Top Five Strengths Overview

-  Identify clear career, educational, and personal goals.

-  Evaluate how best to leverage strengths to achieve goals

-  Explore options and implement a strategic plan for moving forward



Half Day Seminar


A half-day seminar offers a 3-4 hour training experience customized to your unique organization with a focus on discovering and cultivating each team member’s Top 5 Signature Strengths. We will cover all 34 talents, mapping each team member’s talents and analyzing how they interact with each other to work more effectively with greater results. Supplemental materials are provided.



Full Day Seminars


A full-day seminar offers a 7-8 hour training experience customized to your unique organization with a focus on both Strength discovery and application. We offer special attention to managers and supervisors and their essential role in Strength cultivation. Your managers will discover how to unlock and harness the potential of their own talents and strengths and then learn how to use them to develop and manage strength-based teams.

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We look forward to hearing from you and sharing your unique story and strengths!

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