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Focusing on What's Right, not What's Wrong

George Garza

Gallup Certified-Strengths® Coach

Husband. Father. Friend. Mentor. Idea Creator. Strategist. Entrepreneur. Speaker. Writer. Coach.


With over 35 years business experience, George Garza is an entrepreneur and has both an understanding of both corporate culture and what's necessary to cultivate a team environment. His passion for helping others has led him to create StrengthFormation, a company devoted to helping others discover and explore their Strengths.



Let George help you Discover Your Strengths!

"It all starts with intention. Determine who you want to be, then be that person intentionally."

George Garza is a Husband, Father, Friend, Mentor, Entrepreneur, and Businessman. His wife’s name is Viva, which means life in Spanish. He and Viva have three beautiful children. He tells anyone who will listen that, There is no greater responsibly than being a father, and there is no greater privilege than to be a Dad. 


In 2014, he celebrated his birthday by inviting 78 of his closest friends to dinner just to thank them for their friendship. George believes that his life has been blessed beyond measure and mentoring is a small way to give back. Having an aversion to work for anyone, he started multiple businesses. He opened a Printing company in his junior year in high school, started a vending company when he was 19 and began investing in real estate in his early twenties. In 1985, he purchased a small computer company that built IBM clones and in 2001 he entered the world of Security where he founded and is the current President of Surveillance Solutions.  


While training for a half marathon, he began to evaluate where he wanted to invest the balance of his life now that his daily daddy duties were nearing an end. Where could he make the best use of 35+ years of business experience and still engage the passion he had raising his children? He remembered how the Gallup Strengths Finder Assessment had greatly helped him understand how people are motivated and inspired. What better way to invest his life than to help people to become a better version of themselves by learning and improving what’s right with them instead of what’s wrong with them? What better organization to partner with than the Gallup Company? So he went through Gallup’s comprehensive Accelerated Coaching Course and became a Gallup Certified Strengths Coach. Next, he created a company dedicated to helping people transform their lives. His forthcoming book is called StrengthFormation –Transformation through Strength.  


Gallup proclaims that individuals are not meant to be well rounded, Teams should.  


The power behind StrengthsFinders is the exponential explosion that happens when a Team aims their individual Strengths at a specific goal.  


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