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Gotta Git'er Dun? You need an Achiever on your Team !


When I was a kid they (everyone older than me) told me, "Whatever the mind can Conceive, the body can Achieve." What a bunch of mind abuse. I can't believe the number of years I wasted chasing that worthless piece of advice. I 'conceived' throwing a football like Joe Namath, singing like Elvis Presley, writing songs like John Lennon, telling jokes like Bob Hope. Nothing. The body was not 'achieving' it. And it wasn't for a lack of trying. I spent hours in the bathroom combing my hair like Elvis, wasted months throwing footballs through a tire hanging from a tree, and memorized volumes of jokes that I would forget the next day. I was a pretty good writer but writing and getting published are as far apart as New York and Ted Cruz.


How did this plague poison my future? My number one Strength is Ideation. My mind is an Idea Factory. I am personally responsible for wasting an entire forest of cocktail napkins that have the next best thing written on them. Armed with all these can't lose brainstorms, I became a serial entrepreneur. Whatever the mind can conceive, the wallet will bereave. It took me YEARS to figure out the body can't just achieve at will. From that lousy piece of motivational Cyanide came countless spans of frustration. I had killer Ideas. Strategy is my number 2 Strength. I had great business plans. So what was missing? Wasn't my body supposed to just give birth to achieving these supernaturally thought of, history making innovations? Well, Folks, I'm here to tell ya. It didn't happen. Why? Turns out this pithy Conceive/Achieve Gobbledygook was just a rhyme that sold millions of books.


We were never supposed to be "anything we wanted to be." Gallup says individuals were never meant to be well rounded. Teams are. We are supposed to be Rock Stars in our own area of expertise and enlist the help of other Gladiators of the Universe to help us get the job done.


I realized that my Gold Plated thoughts were pretty much worthless without an Achiever on my team. Whatever your dream team is make sure you have someone with Achiever as one of their top 5 Strengths. Achievers are hard workers. They set the pace for production. They bring intensity and stamina. They LOVE completing tasks. They have very little patience with people that lack diligence. Achievers have an innate sense that screams "I want to get it done." They take immense satisfaction in being busy and staying productive.


Here is a quote that works every time. "Whatever the mind can Consider, the Achiever can Deliver!"