We are all coaches.


We are all coaches. If you live and breathe around other people you are a coach. The only difference is whether we are intentional in our coaching or not. We all have an audience and as such, we are constantly being watched. What we choose to do under that watch greatly affects the observer. Express an opinion about the latest Presidential candidate you make an impression. Display anger in front of your children you make an impression. Compromise on a business deal you make an impression. 


This brings us to the crux of the matter: Are we intentional about how we live our lives? Whether you coach a little league sports team or manage a sales team of fresh millennials or just a dad trying to do the right thing. Being intentional is the difference between investing and spending your life. Investors carefully analyze what they are investing in and are constantly monitoring the value of their efforts. Spenders are like drunk sailors at port on leave. They live for the moment and the only lesson that can be learned from them is what NOT to do. 


I don't believe in happenstance. Every encounter with another human being is a divine appointment. We have two audiences: the casual observer and the direct nose to nose recipient. The CO (casual observer) is touched by our attitude. The DR (Direct Recipient) is touched by our interest in them. When the CO sees you from a distance they immediately judge if they want to be like you or avoid you. The DR judges your intent. Both the CO's and the DR's have deep personal concerns. Neither will share with you what those are if they are put off by you. But it all starts with intention. 


Determine who you want to be then be that person intentionally. The world needs more coaches. The world needs what you have to offer. Be a good coach.

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